The Short-Term Effects of Smoking

By: Luke sullens


Shortness of breath

In cigarettes there is a substance called "tar." This sticky liquid can clog your lungs and air ways. Which can lead to shortness of breath and causes you to be tired faster. This substance is very harmful to your body and may cause cancer if it builds up.
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Hair damage

Smoking can cause your hair to look older and even lose it a lot faster. Smoke particles latch on to your hair and cause it to fray or die off. Even if you don't smoke you can still receive this. if your parents smoke and your always around them it can effect you also. The smell can be another thing that can stick to you and your skin. This stench can be a big reason to quit or don't start anyways because it turns people off.
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In conclusion smoking has many short term effects that harm you physically an health wise like bad breath, or damaged hair it is not as bad as receiving a hole in your throat or lung cancer. Although these effects are bad, they are not as harmful as the long term effects that can happen,. You should stop smoking before they turn fatal.


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