CTY NYC Parent Newsletter

Summer 2014 Session 1 - Week 1

Hello CTY Parents!

We launched our inaugural CTY NYC summer with an assembly on the first day. Each class came up with a cheer to inform the others of what they would be learning over the course of the session. This palpable excitement for learning has endured throughout the first week. All week I have marveled at students’ engagement with complex ideas ranging from molecular structures to poetic license. Our activities program is also presenting a strong complement to the rigorous academic day--students are forging new friendships, strengthening peer relations, and participating in a range of recreational activities.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation as we all acclimate to routines at our site. A great way to help with dismissal is to inform your child of how you plan to pick her/him up every day (car, public transportation, self-checkout, etc.)-- and inform us of changes so we can maintain efficient dismissal procedures.

As always, we welcome any questions or feedback you have. We are delighted that you are part of the CTY community, and we look forward to seeing all of you after the long weekend!


Shawn Chisty - Site Director

From the Deans

From the Academic Dean

Classes are in full swing, providing an array of stimulating activities and course material for the students. Students have already been busy: they built towers made of tape and straws; composed “defamiliarization” poems; discussed the UN Security Council and General Assembly; made scale representations of the solar system; explored fallacies of logic; wrote procedures for making the perfect fluff-and-jelly sandwich; and engaged in many other enriching activities across the academic program.

Students are diving into the course offerings, and instructors are finding interesting and inventive ways to engage their wonderfully inquisitive and eager students.

And more to come!


Walker Rutter-Bowman

From the Dean of Students

Activities are underway and students are having a great time playing soccer, Octopus Tag, and Ultimate Frisbee while also making picture frames, friendship bracelets, and other creative projects. We are doing our very best to make sure each child is participating in activities he or she will enjoy - the PAs have a great roster of choices put together.

Next week our PAs have designed activities around a Superhero/comic book character theme. On Wednesday (7/9) students and staff are encouraged to dress up like their favorite superhero or comic book character. Show your CTY spirit by joining in! Students can also create a costume together to share in the CTY experience.


Nate Johnson

From Your Academic Counselor

Happy first week of CTY! The energy here on our first few days is evident between both students and staff members. Friendships are beginning to bloom and connections are forming. I have had a chance to visit each classroom as well as activity time and the teamwork and connections were observed right off the bat!! The smiles I see every morning and throughout the day make it clear that the students are enjoying their time here at CTY NYC.

Please do not hesitate to contact me via email - ctynycacademiccounselor@gmail.com or contact the main office with any questions!


Alexis Mele

From the Main Office

Hello parents! A few short items:

Please continue to call or email the main office with any arrival/dismissal and transportation changes to keep us up to date.

The weather is heating up! Please send your student to CTY with a reusable water bottle (labeled with their name and class) to ensure they stay cool and hydrated during outdoor activities.

Please remind your students to wear close-toed footwear if they wish to participate in outdoor or other sports activities.

Thanks, and see you on site!

Chiara Di Lello - Office Manager

Activities Session Highlights

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