The Nixon Era

Election of Nixon

  • election of 1968 Democrats elected Hubert H. Humphrey and Republicans elected Richard Nixon while Edmund Muskie was under Humphrey
  • Spiro Agnew was the runner up vice president under Nixon
  • Nixon won both the electoral and popular vote (however the popular votes were a mere off from Humphrey)
  • however Nixon did not win the major cities' votes
  • election of 1972 Democrats elected George McGovern and Republicans elected Richard Nixon again
  • McGovern chose Sargent Shriver as his vice president while Nixon kept Spiro Agnew
  • Nixon won both electoral and popular, vastly ahead of McGovern

Vietnam War

  • Nixon enacted his "vietnamization" policy in which he withdrew 540,000 U.S. troops that were stationed in South Vietnam during the war
  • instead he supported the people of South Vietnam with economic and military aid
  • Nixon Doctrine, also known as the Guam Doctrine, stated that the U.S. would recognize its alliance with foreign countries but will not help them directly with their own wars
  • Cambodia was a neural however it was later found out that South Vietnam were bombing the North Vietnamese forces there
  • Communist leader Pol Pot rose up as the dictator of Cambodia
  • War Powers Act stated the U.S. president had to report all U.S. troops' activities and commitments to foreign exchange in within 2 days
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Detente Policy

  • Nixon introduced era of detente between the two communist superpowers: Soviet Union and China
  • ushered in a more relaxed relationship between the communist nations
  • initiated many agreements and plans that gave a tighter and more friendly alliance

Scandal of Nixon

  • Watergate scandal involved political illegal activities under Nixon such as the uninformed tapping of private conversations
  • Congress issued impeachment on President Nixon under the "obstruction of justice"
  • Nixon resigned to avoid being impeached on August 8