4th Grade Ipad Distribution!

What you need to know!

Helpful Hints for parents!

  • Students may change their wallpaper, but their lock screen must be the expectations page
  • Use the Apple Icon on the home screen for "help" in learning how to use Ipad (GREAT tutorials/basics)
  • NEVER put a password on the ipad
  • Add your home network to your ipad to pick up your wireless network from home!
  • Help your parents learn the in's and Out's of device
  • Be PATIENT! Technology has glitches, and sometimes things don't work. Research troubleshooting issues online www.apple.com
  • Students MAY put their "own" apps on the ipad but only with permission to use their PARENTS itunes account. ONLY AGE APPROPRIATE APPS! ( No violence.)
  • Students may not use their ipads on the bus!

Charging your ipad

  • Charge your device at bedtime every night (chargers are provided)
  • Charge in a location where you will remember to grab it in the morning ( tip: Put your backpack right next to your "charging station" and put your charging ipad on top of your backpack! Then you'll remember to put it in your backpack in the morning!)


Thank you for making this such an exciting day for our students! Please let us know if you have questions about the device specifically-We'll keep you updated on how we're using the ipads for day to day business! Remember, this is new to all of us, and things are bound to change! :) - Thank you in advance for your patience as we 'TRANSFORM' our learning!

--The Fourth Grade Team