Jimmie Parker

What Was The Change ?

It ended the poor lifestyle because it gave other ways to trade. It was an age of growth in Europe. New, powerful city states emerged. Art started to become more popular. Trade grew between city

who where the people associated with the change ?

  • Leonardo Da Vinci , Erasmus , Michelangelo

How did the change impact society at the time? ( long term effects)

Increased the interest in art. Printing press mad it more easy to make more copies. inventions such as linear perspective & printing as we use today. as today most thing we use now were made back then so as if we didn't have the stuff the made back then , then a lot if things would be different.

How is that change seen in today's modern society? (shortTerm effects)

If not for this we wouldn't have art ,science , printers and more things today. More things today in society will not be the same such as art. It also led to an increased intrest in classical (greek & roman). The invention of the printing press led to books being more available.