The History of the Indus way.

Religion and Language

There are 110 different languages spoken here. As well as many languages are spoken here. Buddhism and Hinduism were two of the main religions in India.

Who? Culture? Geography? Environment? When? Friends?

The Aryans moved here around 2000 B.C. They lived in tribal groups and had a strong warrior tradition. They gave up their nomadic ways for farming. They used the iron plow along with irrigation. The Himalaya mountains are the highest mountains in the world which is located in the North. The Indus RIver is also located in India which is located in the West. The weather is a monsoon, which is a seasonal wind pattern in southern Asia.


The Aryans were separated into four different social groups. The groups went from high to low. The top were the priestly class, then the warriors, next was merchants and farmers, then came the peasants and servants. This evolved to the caste system, which made them believe that you were put in the social group you were in by job and family linge.