Maryland institute college of art

The three colleges that I would like to attend are Maryland Institute College of Art ,Yale University, and Savanah College Art and Design.
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The seal of MICA

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Maryland Institute College of Art


1300 Mount Royal Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21217


adminission contact and address:

Christine Seese
Director of Undergraduate Admission


In-state tuition$39,400

Out-of-state tuition$39,400


Books and supplies$1,450

Room and board (live on campus)*$11,260

Board and transportation (live with parents)$2,445

* Room and board costs may vary by housing facility and number of meals in meal plan

The three things that I will chose as my major are painting and drawings, sculptures, and art history

I'll earn a bachelor's degree in art major.

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things that captured my eyes while I was searching

It offers a lot of art majored studies. For example, art historys , drawing and paintings and sculptures.The thing which had really caught my eyes is that the college has a very impressive painting program,which is best suited for me because I want to and I have been working to become a professional painter.
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