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Thank you for your patience as we figure out the ins and outs of FlexiSCHED.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How can I check to see if my Pride Time students all got signed up for something each day?

The best way to check all of your Pride Time students' schedules at once is by going to the Schedule tab and selecting Search. Once on the search screen, go to the far right Advisory drop down list, choose your name from the list, and click on Search. All members of your Pride Time group will appear and you can scroll down to see that they are all scheduled for the week.

*PLEASE NOTE: During Pride Time each Monday, after students have had about fifteen minutes to make their selections, PLEASE check to see that all your Pride Time students have signed up for an offering each day that week. If a student is absent, please go ahead and schedule that student. The student can always change it the next day, but we need everyone scheduled by Pride Time Tuesday. Thank you for helping with this!

What if a student knows of an upcoming absence? Should he still schedule himself for that day?

YES! Even if a student knows that he is going to be absent, please have him sign up for a general offering (like study hall) for that day. Otherwise, the student will come up in the unscheduled list and will be scheduled anyway.

Can I see ahead of time who is signed up for my Pride Time each day?

Yes! Just go to Attendance, choose your name from the drop down list, and choose the date you would like to check. Be sure that you choose Cancel when you leave this list so you aren't taking attendance before the group meets.

*Please contact me if you accidentally hit OK before leaving the list.

Schober's Suggestions

Reminder: PHS Tech Team Members are Here to Help You!

Do you need help with your webpage? Would you like a class demonstration videotaped and edited? Would you like to try Google Classroom but don't know where to start? The PHS Tech Team members are here to assist! Just call or email me to schedule a time to meet with one of these knowledgeable students.
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What's New in the Library?

Click here to find out: New Library Resources 2015-16

Here are a few new titles...

Requesting Library Resources

Is there a book you think we should have in our library? Is there a particular DVD you would like to show your students?

Please complete this Google Form to submit your suggestions: Library Resource Request

Equipment Available For Checkout

Just a reminder that we have these items available for your use:

  • Flip Cameras
  • Digital Cameras
  • Document Cameras
  • Go Pro
  • Tripods
  • SD card readers
  • Jot Script Stylus
  • Projectors and Overhead Projectors
  • TV/DVD/VHS carts
  • Microphones
  • Headphones (cases of 24)

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