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Camp Twitch and Shout

"Where Tourette's finds friends, and friends inspire possibilities"

November 2016: Volunteer applications, Benefit in Philly, Camper & Volunteer Highlights, "The Voice" and more...

With less than 250 days until Campers arrive at Twitch & Shout 2017, the planning has begun, and the excitement is mounting with our Volunteer applications going up on our website November 1st! Also this month, Frank Lozzi's Benefit in Philly on November 19th will kick off our Fundraising Campaign for summer 2017 to support Camper Financial Assistance, and Volunteer Support. November also begins our newsletter addition of "Highlights"... stories about our campers and volunteers. We're excited to put a focus on our amazing youth and volunteers. We will be highlighting their activities, hobbies, strengths, accomplishments, support for camp, and social outreach. Also watch out for Counselor Aaron Gibson on Season 11 of "The Voice"!

Camp Twitch & Shout Summer 2017!

Sunday, July 2nd 2017 at 2pm to Friday, July 7th 2017 at 12pm

210 South Broad Street

Winder, GA

Held at Camp Twin Lakes Will-A-Way

Volunteer applications: NOVEMBER 1st, 2016

Camper applications: JANUARY 1st, 2017

Mailing address:

Camp Twitch & Shout (TICS)

2472 Jett Ferry Road, Suite 400-156

Dunwoody, GA 30338

Camper Highlight: Matthew Gordon

My name is Matthew Gordon. I attended my first Camp Twitch & Shout in 2016, and what I experienced was extraordinary. The people there could relate to me; I felt accepted, like I wasn’t different from everyone else. I loved being with people who can understand where I’m coming from, and the experiences I’ve had with Tourette. It was really neat to see counselors with Tourette too.

I recently did a fundraiser for Twitch & Shout because I had such a good time at the camp, and I know I’m lucky that I was able to get a spot and be able to pay for Camp. I wanted to raise money to help others attend camp to have the same incredible experience I had.

CrossFit has helped me a lot with my Tourette by keeping me active and distracted, which lowers the level of tics I have during that time. I have really bad anxiety, and I worry about my weight sometimes. Doing CrossFit helps me stay fit, and worry less about my health, so that helps too. I have friends at CrossFit who understand my Tourette and anxiety. It’s so much fun working out with them.

For a fundraiser, we got lots of local CrossFit gyms to participate in the Swear 2 Change Campaign. We also did a workout that I built. The workout was done in teams of 2, and I chose movements that reminded me of tics that I have, and tics that others I met at camp had. Kids as young as 5 did the workout, and lots of adults did it too.

We raised $1,235 for scholarships, and we also got lots of people to donate through the Swear 2 Change Campaign on the website.

I’d like to thank all of the people and gyms that participated, did the workout, and donated. It’s making lots of kids happy who can now go to Camp Twitch and Shout.

Volunteer Highlight: Caleb Harrell

You know you have someone special on your staff when more than one returning camper makes a cabin mate request for them, instead of another camper?! Most people describe him as...the one person everyone unanimously likes. He has been a part of Camp Twitch & Shout's volunteer staff since 2010, and has had several roles including counselor, logistics, leadership, and overall good guy. He spends time outside of camp raising awareness, and has gone to schools many times to help educate the educators, and advocate for children with Tourettes. He's always there when you need him. Caleb is extremely creative, and also spends some of his spare time creating wonderful pieces of art. His sense of humor and silliness are contagious, yet he also has a keen insight in to people and situations. He has the ability to step in to almost any role at camp, and support our campers and staff when someone is struggling. Caleb has a natural ability to handle any situation that comes his way. He is a good person, and is always available to you to talk about life whenever you need it. Thank you so much for being a part of our program, for being a great role model to our campers, and a great friend and support to everyone you meet. Caleb, you are the "World's Greatest"!

NBC's The Voice & Counselor Aaron Gibson!

We are all also thankful for all the wonderful things happening to Volunteer, Aaron Gibson! Aaron is one of Caleb Harrell's best friends, and is a contestant on NBC's "The Voice" this Fall. He has incredible talent, both with his voice and his guitar, and deserves all the goodness that has come his way! Aaron has been a counselor with us for 5 summers now. One of our campers, Theo LeBlanc, has a special place in his heart for Aaron. Theo describes him as his favorite counselor ever, and says "I love him! He never ceases to amaze me with his kindness, respect, and willingness to help!" His easy personality, and goodness makes him a favorite of our campers and staff. Jumping in to work with the campers during the Music Discovery program, getting in to our theme'd camp dances, getting messy, or spending time as a great listener and cheerleader for a camper...we love Aaron too. We are so happy for you and proud of all that you have accomplished! All of our Camp family is on "Team Aaron" for sure. Make sure you all watch on NBC and cheer on and support Team Miley's Aaron Gibson this season!

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We are seeking energetic, enthusiastic, compassionate, and positive thinking Counselors and Leaders for Summer 2017! Applications for Volunteers will be available online through our website November 1st. Refer to the job descriptions listed on the Volunteer page for requirements. All volunteers must pass a background check, reference check, and interview to be considered for a position with us at camp.

Dates for our Volunteers are Friday evening June 30th through Friday July 7th, 2017.

4th Annual Camp Twitch & Shout Benefit, hosted by Frank Lozzi

Saturday, Nov. 19th, 7pm

The Bocce Club, 2001 Point Breeze Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19145

One of our amazing Volunteers, Frank Lozzi, is hosting the 4th Annual Camp Twitch & Shout benefit in Philadelphia to raise funds to support our Camper Financial Assistance Program. Meet Frank and some of our Volunteer Staff & Counselors! Come out and support Camp Twitch & Shout! For more information, go to Frank's Facebook Event page linked below...

Mission and goals of Camp Twitch & Shout...

Camp Twitch & Shout is a nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of children with a diagnosis of Tourette Syndrome through engaging and supportive camp programs. We strive to accomplish our mission through creating experiences that help our campers develop their...

Resilience: Instilling the process of adapting well in the face of adversity in order to "bounce back" from difficult experiences.

Friendships: Developing friends who are kind, and that act as a positive influence in their lives.

Independence: An environment that gives our children the courage to believe in them selves in order to improve self-esteem and self-competence through discovering their strengths and adopting strategies to face challenges in their lives.

Individuality: Discovering and embracing the unique qualities and gifts that distinguish each individual from others.

Mindfulness: The mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations.

Camp Twitch & Shout

A one week overnight summer camp for children ages 8-17 who have a confirmed diagnosis of Tourette Syndrome. With the support and partnership of Camp Twin Lakes (CTL), camp is held at their Will-A-Way site in Winder, Georgia. Camp Twitch & Shout is entering their 9th summer with CTL. An award winning American Camp Association Accredited camp program of the Tourette Information Center & Support (TICS) under the direction of Tricia Kardon.

Mailing address:

Camp Twitch & Shout (TICS)

2472 Jett Ferry Rd, Suite 400-156

Dunwoody, GA 30338