Come Visit China

by Jason R

Were is China Located?

China is located south of Asia, there language is Chinese and American.The major city is Hong Kong. The area of China is 3,696,100.There holidays are spring festival and dragon boat festival.The population is 1,364,038,000.

Flag Description

China's flag is red and has five gold stars on the left. There were 6 other flags before this one. One of the flags has blue and white. Another has green, red, blue, white, and black. The second to last one has a dragon and one has a green background and 5 yellow stars. The last one has a red background with a flower in the middle.

The Main Food Dishes

The main food dishes are rice, pork, and beef. Rice is the most popular food in China. They eat it with everything. Its boiled or steamed and absorbs as much water as it can. Beef and pork are also main food dishes. Pork and beef are also common foods because sometimes you see them on a dish. Chinese people don't eat raw meat.There meat is stir-fried it can also be stewed, roasted, poached,backed, or pickled, etc.
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The Olympic Games Won In China

China has won 51 gold medals 21 silver and 28 bronze. In 2008 China has come first in Beijing. In total they won 100 medals. In diving they won 27 gold medals, 14 silver medals, and 8 bronze. In gymnastics they won 24 gold medals, 16 silver, and 17 bronze.

Major Cities in China

The major city in China is Hong Kong. Some more are Beijing, Titian, Chengdu, Shenzhen, and Hangzhou. These are all some of the biggest cities in China.

Holidays in China

I'll tell you some of the holidays in China Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Chinese New Year, Labor Day, and Mid Autumn.

China's Contintnent

China is found in south east of Pacific Ocean. It is also the worlds 3rd biggest country. Its following Russia and Canada in size .
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Places to visit in China

I'll tell you some places to visit in China. The Great Wall is one of the places in Hong Kong. The Great Wall of China is for protecting attacks from the north its also 6300 kilometers. These are some of the rest Sayna, Kunming, Harbin,and Guilin.
10 Best Places to Visit in China