Digital Footprint & Reputation

How are you representing yourself online?

What is a digital footprint?

With every post you make online, you are creating a digital footprint. Online profiles you create have the potential to stick around for a lifetime and can have a positive or negative effect on how you are viewed. In addition to what you post, posts others make about you can also be damaging to your online image. Think about it! Do you have a positive digital footprint or one that ruins your reputation?

Private today, Public tomorrow

Let's Clean it up

  1. Go to all of the online sites you have accounts with.
  2. With every picture and post you have made, ask yourself, "How would this make me look to a college's admission office or a potential employer?"
  3. If the picture or post will potentially give you a negative reputation, DELETE it!

Create a billion $$$ Digital Footprint

It is not simply enough to delete inappropriate posts and pictures from your online profiles. The digital world has many advantages when used appropriately . College officials and potential employers may look into your digital footprint to see how you are representing yourself online. So, let's give them something awesome to look for!

  1. Create a blog account on
  2. Create a blog name and bio that has a direct connection to your position in school or your community.
  3. Each week, post one academic, school, or community accomplishment or interest.