Andrew Jackson: Zero

7 was not a lucky number for United States...

The Death March

Jackson did not see the Cherokees as people, only savages. The Cherokees were a civilized tribe; they had their own newspaper, crops, written language, and even a constitution. The Cherokees had been living in the Americas long before the Europeans even knew it existed. Jackson decided that he wanted the rest of the Cherokee's small portion of land, due to greediness (he craved the gold), so he forced them off. He did not offer them comfort, no, they walked the thousands of miles. Jackson had absolutely no consideration, seeing as he killed a large portion of the Cherokee population. Oh, the irony, because Jackson called the natives savages.

Here Ye, Here Ye

King Andrew has arrived! Jackson realized his power, and slowly, he starts abusing it. He disregards anything that the Supreme Court tells him, he vetoes many bills that Congress tries to pass as laws, completely overusing the power to do so, and then he sets tariffs on things. He decides that he can pretty much do whatever he wants, indifferent to what anyone tells him. Presidents were supposed to have limited power, and there was not a cap on Jackson's. He was on the verge of becoming a tyrant.

The Massacre of the National Bank

The creation of a National Bank had helped the United State's economy, but Jackson saw it as evil. He saw the bank only giving loans to rich people, and since he appealed to the "common man", he decided to get rid of the bank all together instead of tweaking the way it worked, even though it was helping the economy. Henry Clay supported the National Bank, and Jackson despised Clay for making John Q. Adams president. Jackson did not put America's well being before everything else, he got rid of the bank for selfish reasons.

Old Hickory

This picture is depicting Andrew Jackson's hardheadedness. It was his way or the highway, or like this picture shows, death. I think he'd be the kind of guy that wouldn't just agree to disagree. Everyone had to think like him or agree with him, so he made lots of enemies, as said in the video. The Native Americans did not have the same culture as him, so it was wrong. Jackson wanted to be right, all the time.