Mrs. Brumbelow's Course Update

SAT Prep and American Literature


Hi Parents,
Grades have been updated for 18 week students. We had our first assignment due date this past Thursday. Students may still submit late work until Tuesday, January 19th for partial credit. Please login with your parent auditor account to view an updated average. The parent portal gets updated every Wednesday. Your other option is to login as your student and view the most recent and updated grade in the class.

Here is link to help you set up and utilize your parent account:

16 Week Students begin on Tuesday, January 19th

Synchronous Sessions

I will hold an Adobe Chat every Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. If students attend or listen to the recording of the chat, they can earn extra points. There is a sign-in sheet within the chat room. Please encourage your child to participate in these sessions!
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Late Work Policy

The late work policy is as follows:
1 school day late = 10% off (Friday)
Saturday/Sunday = 10% off
2 school days late = 20% off (Monday)
3 school days late = 30% off (Tuesday)