5 Themes of Austin

by Luke bauer


Austin's absolute location is 30.2500 degrees north and 97.7500 degrees west. Austin's relative location is about 3 hours south of Dallas in central Texas.


Austin is a very hot and dry area. Although there are lakes in Austin, there are below average water level. Currently Austin is in a severe drought. There are a lot of natural resources in Austin. Barton springs and others fit in the category.


Many people come to Austin for things like South by South West or even maybe Austin City Limits. Austin has become the live music city capitol of the world. Some people like Austin so much they stay here.

Human enviorment interaction

For people in Austin an a/c system is a must have. Austin may reach temperatures up to 105 degrees. A natural resource is water, we drink the water from the aquifer that comes from runoff water. Austenite's use the lakes for recreation also. Many people in the surrounding area use it for their boats.


Austinite's are very different than other people. When you go into the downtown area you may find a whole bunch of hippies or weirdo's. A lot of people come to Austin to party. Austinites are very laid back people. A lot of them are very nice but a little on the strange side.