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Metabolic Nutrition Synedrex Pharmaceutical Grade Stimulating Weight Loss Solution

SyneDrex is a very powerful and effective Stimulating Weight Loss Solution, specifically formulated for individuals who want to lose weight, drop body fat, and boost energy quickly and easily. Synedrex addresses the 4 critical areas needed to obtain successful weight loss. Use of Synedrex is easy and will yield visible results within days!

  • Accelerates Metabolism
  • Reduces Body Fat
  • Controls Hunger
  • Fast Long Lasting Energy
  • No Crash Effect

Synedrex works by addressing the 4 critical areas for successful weight loss:

  1. Increases metabolic rate to improve thermogenic burn.
  2. Maximizes energy levels and thyroid function.
  3. Controls carbohydrate and blood sugar levels.
  4. Utilizes stron appetite suppressants.

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To ensure fast - easy weight loss and increased energy...take 1-2 capsules upon waking and 1-2 capsules 4 to 6 hours later. Due to the strength of Synedrex, only increase dosage to 2 capsules, two times a day, once tolerance is determined. Do not exceed 4 capsules daily, or consume 6 hours prior to bedtime. Synedrex should be taken with food to improve absorption. Synedrex can be combined with other Metabolic Nutrition products to further enhance desired weight loss results.


Not to be used by person(s) under the age of 18 or by individuals under medical treatment for hypertension, heart disease, or by pregnant or lactating women. If using prescription medication, consult a health care professional prior to administration. If you experience rapid heartbeat, dizziness, severe headache, shortness of breath, or similar symptoms; discontinue use and immediately call a health care professional. Exceeding recommended serving size will not improve results and may result in adverse health effects. Keep out of reach of children. Store product at room temperature. Do not expose to excessive heat or moisture.