Weekly Jaguar Update

Welcome to the Third Six Weeks!

Somethings to Keep in Mind...

English/Language Arts:

Next week in ELA the students will be showing off their hard work on non-fiction research through PowerPoint presentations. The information within the PowerPoint is a test grade and the presentation itself is worth another test grade. The students have been asked to dress as their character or bring props to help give a visual of who they are "becoming" for the day. This portion of the assignment is no way meant to send anyone shopping. Please use items you have around the house. Presentations will begin Tuesday and most classes will take three days.

Social Studies:

Monday students will take their Economies of the World Exam. The exam will be open notes. Tuesday the students will begin their Mini Society projects. Students will be governing their own societies and in charge of their own economies. It's time for some exciting experiential learning! Please make sure your student has functioning map pencils. Students need to have hand sharpeners to keep their map pencils fresh. Putting these into the classroom sharpener causes it to malfunction, due to wax build up. Also, our fourth period Success class is running very low on tissues. With the frequent weather changes our little guys and girls are going to need some more. If your student is in my Success class I would greatly appreciate a new box of tissue.


Monday through Wednesday we will be building and painting our cars. Thursday and Friday we will be taking notes on force and motion.


All Math classes

Everyone took a test on Thursday 11/7. Because this test is so close to the end of the 2nd six weeks it will be recorded as the first grade in the third six weeks. Our next unit is fractions. We will start by finding equivalent fractions and then move on to adding, subtracting, etc....Our next math test is Thursday October 21.