Come to Constantinople

Best place on Earth in 1054!

What is Constantinople?

Constantinople is the place to be! It’s the best place for you to live. We have organized laws by our marvelous emperor King Justinian I, very religious church for everyone to go to, and is the richest and most elegant city in the Mediterranean region.

Where is Constantinople?

Constantinople is located by the Black and Mediterranean Sea. It’s also the center trading point for Africa, Asia, and Europe. Is the capital of the Byzantine Empire.

Why come to Constantinople?

We have laws so everyone is treated equally. King Justinian I didn’t want all his people to be treated differently so he made laws that would make everything equal so you will have as many rights as almost anyone you can think of. Also you should live here because Christianity are the main religion here. Lastly we have it all perfume, silk, spices, fish, meat, and much more. We traded so we would have more of what we had a scarce supply of and with everything we had and everything we have here we have a large supply for everyone to last awhile.

Come On Down!

Constantinople is a very welcoming place to live, have a family, or just to live alone. It a living place for anyone and everyone for any age. So if you ever think of moving remember that Constantinople should be your first choice.