Sea Level

Global Warming

Why Is Sea Level Rising?

We believe that the ocean sea level is rising because of global warming and ice caps warming. This causes the areas around the coasts to become submerged in sea water. We are worried that this problem will effect human and animal population. This may cause many things like animal migration and for plants to go extinct. This picture shows in 1000 years how much of the world will become submerged.

What we can do to help this problem

What can you do to help? You can do many easy things around the house or even with friends and family. You can do your part by helping with cutting down your carbon footprint. For example, by carpooling from place to place, by reusing our resources like plastic bottles/bags, and more. It will take hundreds of thousands of years to fix or changes this major problem at all but everyone can help by doing their part.

Questions We Still have

Some questions we still have about this topic are...

1. Why is global warming happening so quickly?

2. What more can we do to help save our plant and animals?

3. In a million years, how much will the sea level rise? How much of the earth will be submerged?

"Fun" Facts

  • From what we researched, 13 islands will be submerged caused by global warming.
  • In the past 100 years, the earth's climate has warmed over 1.8 digress.
  • The sea level has raised over 4-8 inches in the past year.