Mrs. Baker's Class Newsletter

February 23rd, 2017

What is going on?

Writing: We will continue to work on realistic fiction writing this week. The students will focus on adding a problem to their stories with a “reasonable” solution. We will discuss what a “reasonable” solution could be and how to make sure stories stay realistic without dipping into fantasy or science fiction.

Spelling Words and Grammar: blue, early, goes, long, play, stop,this, while

We begin working on adverbs this week and will spend two weeks on the unit. An adverb is a word that describes a verb. It tells how, when, where, or how often. It often ends in -ly.

Reading: We will discover how adding letters to the beginning or end of a base word can change the meaning of the word or how it is used in our reading and writing. These few letters are called prefixes and suffixes.

Math: We will be focusing on adding 3-digit numbers and learning new strategies to solve these more challenging problems. The students will be expected to apply these different strategies when problem solving.

Science: While still focusing on the sky, we will move into our unit on the moon. Students should focus on observing and recording changes in the Moon’s appearance over time such as size, shape, apparent brightness, and color and identify a pattern of change. They will have a special homework page sent home where they are to track the moon's appearance each night before bed. We will finish the unit by making the moon phases out of oreo cookies! Each student will need 4 cookies to work with, if anyone would like to donate a pack, it would be greatly appreciated!

This and That-

We are needing 4 or 5 containers of chocolate Oreo cookies for a phases of the moon activity for next week. If you can donate. Please let me know! I appreciate it! It will be fun, engaging, and tasty!


March 13-17- Spring Break

March 30th Field Trip to see the Jungle Book

April 14th Good Friday- No school

We were a few shy of earning our class goal for the Six Flags reading program! I am so proud of the kids that turned in their logs for both programs! You are a winner in my book! I appreciate you reading and earning something fun to do this summer!

We have been very busy becoming geniuses! I cannot thank our parent lecturers who have donated their time and expertise! We have learned about robots and bots from Mr. Padua. How the heart and brain function from our resident class doctors- Zarlish Tariq and Qazi Umar Javed- We are just buzzing with knowledge!

We welcome you to come in and tell us what you are an expert in! This project has been so fun! Genius hour is a blast and a little scary at times!

Have an amazing weekend!