Mahatma Gandhi

Matt Clifford 1st Period

Background Information

Mahatma Gandhi was a twentieth century political and spiritual leader that exercised civil disobedience as his form of resistance. Gandhi was a part of the movement that wished for home rule and for independence from Britain. Gandhi's primary movement took place from 1930- 1931. Thus, his acts of non-violence against the British authority led to his eventual place in history.
Gandhi's Salt March
Background of Gandhi and his activities

A video over his famous Salt March in 1930.

Paragraph Connecting to Civil Disobedience

Both Mahatma Gandhi and Thoreau believe that their governments "are usually, and all governments are sometimes, inexpedient" Gandhi believes like Thoreau that the government in his country is not helping its people at all. Gandhi's belief of this heinous act is what first inspired him to lead a civil disobedience rebellion against the British Government. Thus Gandhi and Thoreau are equally similar in their beliefs about the governments wrongdoings towards their respective nations.