Before buying a good property wait and read!

When you are buying a house or any type of property, you are claiming its legal ownership from the previous owner and when you are selling a property, you are handing over the ownership right to the buyer, in exchange of a price on the house. So in both cases, ownership transfer is involved. This handing over of rights, is done through a technical/ legal process of paperwork and contract signing. This process is known as Conveyancing. Conveyancing is also done whenever any mortgage or lien is granted. It is an essential part of any property deal that both the selling and buying parties has to go through. But since it is a bit complex process, it becomes difficult for regular buyers/ sellers to handle the process by themselves.

If they make any kind of mistake, it will delay or complicate the transaction. Hence, to wrap up everything in time and in the proper way, conveyancers are hired. Conveyancing solicitors or licensed conveyancers are professionals who know the entire Conveyancing process in detail through all its stages – before contract, prior completion and after completion. They do all the paperwork for their clients and also oversee the completion of the process by coordinating with the conveyancer of the other party. For all their services, they charge a fee from the clients. These fees are generally reasonable but there are some solicitors who have bigger reputations and charge more than others.

Then there are conveyancers who attract clients through brokers. They try to charge more because they will have to pay the broker his brokerage fees. If you are not willing to pay those extra dimes to conveyancers/ solicitors, you need to identify the good conveyancers from the rest. Here is how you can identify those who are not suitable for the task-

•Any good conveyancer will tell you on the first day, how much time the process will take. If he cannot, then perhaps he is not very familiar with the process.
•Avoid solicitors/ conveyancers who only want to do business online and do not want to meet you face to face. Any good conveyancer will meet clients personally.
•To avoid overpaying, you should Get a Conveyancing quote from multiple sources and then compare them and pick one.
•If your conveyancer is not mentioning any fixed fee and is charging you in bits and pieces, then most likely he is looking to overcharge you.
•If you do not have the time to visit multiple conveyancers by yourself, you can seek help from reputed online sites who provide users with multiple quotes at once from reputed firms/ solicitors.
•If your conveyancer is taking more time than usual, talk with him directly and ask him whether he would be able to handle this task or should you look for someone else.

At, you will get several quotes within seconds. These quotations come with full break up and will not contain any hidden fees. Also there is no obligation with these quotations So be wise and choose the right conveyancer to settle your property matters smoothly.