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March 2022

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Dear Parents,

As if February didn’t have enough packed into it, we have had the added bonus of “Texas” weather this month! I saw this quote the other day and thought he must have lived in Texas. “It was one of those March days, when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold; when it is summer in the light and winter in the shade”. -Charles Dickens

Baldwin will be very busy these last few months of the year. Our APEX fun run is just around the corner and will lead us into a much needed spring break. APEX is our school fundraiser, and all of the money goes directly to the school. This year we are using those funds to support an interventionist and technology needs at Baldwin. In addition, each teacher will use 10% of the funds raised in the classroom to spend however they see fit. You can help us by logging in to the APEX website and entering your child’s t-shirt size. EVERY student will receive a t-shirt and wristbands regardless of fundraising participation. The t-shirts will be given out on Thursday, just prior to the race and students will wear them for the race. The APEX team brings a lot of energy and positivity into each classroom, and the students and staff are anxiously awaiting their arrival. We have had hard working volunteers decorating the school which has added to the anticipation and fun!

I’m sure that you have heard that Travis county has moved to Stage 4. In light of this change, Baldwin will remove the plexiglass that is currently being used in the cafeteria after this week. It will still be available for any student that would like to use it. If the district changes any protocol prior to that date, we of course will implement those changes at Baldwin as well.

As many of you know, current events in the news can be very scary to your children. As much as we try to protect them, news such as a war becomes a topic of conversation that they either overhear or listen to and can’t fully comprehend. I encourage you to have conversations with your child regarding these current events. I have included an article that I recently read regarding how to have these conversations. If you have any questions or need assistance with your child, please reach out to Ms. Alexander or Mrs. Holley, and they will be happy to assist you. Article - How to talk to your kids

We are excited to have field trips this spring and are trying to collect enrichment fees to support these learning experiences. The funds must be collected prior to writing a check to secure the trip, so your timely help in sending those fees in is greatly appreciated. Each grade level will take a field trip this spring to various locations. You can find out more specifics from your child’s teacher. Teachers (and kids, I’m sure!) are looking forward to this.

I am looking forward to all that springtime has to offer here at Baldwin, and I hope to see some of you at our upcoming events happening around campus!


Jennifer Murray

Principal, Baldwin Elementary

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  • March 1: APEX starts!
  • March 1: Women's History Month begins
  • March 4: Student/Staff Holiday
  • March 7: CAC Meeting
  • March 8: Choir Concert
  • March 10: APEX Fun Run!
  • March 11: Kindergarten Rodeo
  • March 14-18: Spring Break!
  • March 21-25: PRIDE Week
  • March 25: 2nd grade field trip
  • March 29: Kona Ice Spirit Night
  • March 29: 1st grade field trip
  • March 31: 5th and 1st grade field trip
  • April 1: Student Holiday
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PRIDE Week: March 21-25

At Baldwin, Pride Week means…

  • All are welcome

  • Everyone should be able to be who they are

  • Differences are awesome!

  • Love makes a family

We Promote Acceptance, Not Discrimination

  • Every day we meet people different from ourselves. Promoting an attitude of acceptance supports a positive environment for everyone to be who they are.

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Vocabulary and Conversation Starters

  • Welcoming: What does welcoming mean? What does a welcoming school look like? What are examples of how we welcome people to our campus?
  • Diversity: What does diversity mean? Why is diversity a good thing?
  • Acceptance: When have you felt accepted? When have you felt left out?
  • Ally: What does it mean to be an ally to someone?
  • Family: Does everyone's family look the same? What does your family look like?

Resources for Classroom Lessons

  • I am Enough by Grace Byers
  • Marisol McDonald Doesn't Match by Monica Brown
  • The Judgmental Flower by Julia Cook
  • Red by Michael Hall
  • A Family is a Family is a Family by Sara O'Leary
  • Worm loves Worm by Mike Curato
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ERIN JACKSON - An Olympic Modern Day Fairytale

Erin Jackson was destined for the stage and to do big things. What makes her story remarkable is that not only is she the first black American speed skater to win a gold in the winter olympics but she just started learning how to speed skate only five years ago.

She almost didn’t make it into the qualifying event.

A mishap during the USA Olympic Trials meant that she placed third and, despite being the World Cup leader at the time, would miss out on a spot at the Olympic Games. Until team-mate Brittany Bowe stepped in.Bowe had won the race at trials but decided to forfeit her spot to allow Jackson to race at Beijing 2022.

The American athletic team for the winter olympics were so impressed with Brittany Bowe’s gesture - they had her carry the American flag to represent the United States in the opening ceremony.

"It’s like a dream come true. I wouldn’t have predicted this even a year ago. I still feel kind of new in the sport and I’m just really grateful it turned out this way. I hope I have a longer future. I just tried to turn everything off and have an automatic race."

  • Erin Jackson on winning a gold medal

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Hello and Happy March! Spring is my absolute favorite season. It’s a time of new beginnings and we have so many exciting things around the corner.

I wanted to remind you all about our Subs R Us volunteer program. Families have the opportunity to give teachers the gift of time so that they can meet with their teammates to plan, analyze student data, and check off other items from their never-ending to-do lists. We will be conducting a data dig with intermediate teachers on March 9th-11th and could use your help. If you are interested in signing up for a slot, please click on this link. Please email if you have questions or if you’d like to sign up as a volunteer.

Our Student Council recently held a school-wide fundraiser as they sold Spirit Sticks to help raise money for new recess equipment. This benefits all students and we are in the process of ordering brand new items for every single Bobcat to enjoy. I’m proud to share that we brought in nearly $600 in profits! We are all so proud of our Student Council and all that they do to support our campus. These are future leaders in the making! A special thank you to those of you who supported our cause.

Thanks for reading!

Peace, love, and ROAR!
Kat Munroe
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