The Atmosphere

By: Joanna, Luis, Maya, Genesis

What is the Atmosphere?

The gaseous envelope surrounding the earth; the air

Why do we need this so-called atmosphere?

The atmosphere acts as an insulating layer that protects the Earth's surface from light,heat, and harmful radiation from the sun. The atmosphere protects the Earth from foreign objects such as asteroids, comets, etc. The atmosphere is also very important because it contains oxygen, which-if you don't already know-,we humans NEED. It also acts as a transport for chemicals such as carbon dioxide, water, etc.

Animal and Plant-Life

Although Earth's living organisms are located in the biosphere many animals spend time in the atmosphere. Every plant and animal is affected by the atmosphere. Most organisms needs oxygen or carbon dioxide in order to survive. For example an apple tree takes in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and gives out oxygen which goes into the atmosphere to be consumed by animals. Thus creating a cycle known as photosynthesis.
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How does the atmosphere depend on other spheres?

All of the spheres are closely connected. The atmosphere depends on the hydrosphere to add water vapor to the air. Water from a lake would evaporate and become part of the atmosphere until it rains and the cycle repeats. If a change occurs in one sphere, it is likely that a change will occur in one or more of the other spheres. These changes are referred to as events. Events in ecosystems can cause natural disasters and have a significant effect on how an ecosystem runs. For example, if a forest fire was started in the biosphere, it would pollute the atmosphere, so it would not only affect the biosphere but also the atmosphere.