Classroom News!

April 2016

It is so great to be back! Thank you again for the generous gifts, emails, cards and kind words. I appreciate it very much! The class was in very good hands while I was gone, and we have picked up right where we left off now that I am back!


Adjective Day

Friday, May 20th

Author's Celebration

Friday, June 17th



Students are LOVING our geometry unit. I am impressed with the knowledge they have and their interest and excitement about the topic. We are learning about plane shapes and solid shapes, angles, vertices, edges and faces. Students will write a shape riddle and play some great math games to solidify these skills.


April is National Poetry Month! The focus of our reader’s and writer’s workshop lessons has been poetry. The students have thoroughly enjoyed reading different types of poetry from various authors. They are also writing some poetry of their own, learning that often times, poets look at ordinary objects in extraordinary ways. We have published a poem and will share it with you at our end of the year celebration.

We also celebrated “Poem In Your Pocket” day. Each student selected a poem that was special to them. They had the opportunity to share this poem with adults, other students and a 3rd grade class.


We did another great matter experiment last week. We saw what happens to a solid when we put it in a liquid. There was great discussions and predictions, and it was thrilling to watch the solid bubble and fizz and then dissolve. The sound effects made it extra special!