Computer History

Tim Berners Lee and Alan Turing

Introduction to Tim Berners-Lee

Tim Bereners Lee invented the amazing World Wide Web (WWW...)! some people think its the same thing as the Internet but that's not true, infact the internet is stored on the www you couldn't do anything on the internet if it wasn't for Tim!

Introduction to Alan Turing

Alan Turing invented the first ever stored program computer! And in was a major help in World War II as he was one of Britains master minds, he made bombes and a nunmber of techniques to break Germany. Alan Turing turned out to be gay and at that time it was illegal and sadly after all he had done for his country he was given the option of prison or being given female hormones and died 2 before after his 42nd birthday by committing suicide with cyanide poisoning. He was born on June 23 1912 and died June 7 1954