Yo Philly Fans, get this book.

$1.99 at the iBookstore

Philly Scenes, the photo book.

My new photo book, Philly Scenes, is now available in the iBookstore. 54 pages of interesting photos. A deal at $1.99.

Exclusively for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

The Scoop

A photo book about Philadelphia.


Love it or hate it. Cheese steak or haute cuisine.

What is common is a love of tradition and history. As a photographer, I am fascinated by the visible history of the place, the juxtaposition of old and new that cities are great at displaying. Come along and see some of those sights. I hope to bring you some scenes that may surprise even the long time natives.

There is a lot of hidden treasures in this old city. That is what I delight in capturing with my camera. Along the way, I will point out compositional, pattern, color or subject matter that I think gives the picture merit. One learns photography by examining other pictures and then experimenting with your own shooting.

So this book is a little bit history lesson, tourist guide, photo tips, personal musing and of course nice photos. I added some voice audio tracks for more details on a few pictures. Enjoy.

The iBookstore gives you a preview of 30% of the contents. So please check it out. Click above to go there.