Morton's Musings

Communication for the week of December 14, 2015


We will be having a book gift exchange on Thursday, December 17th. Please have your child bring a wrapped book to school prior to that day. The book does not need to new, but please ensure, if it is used, it is in good condition. Your child is welcome to exchange one of their gently use books for the exchange. On the gift tag, leave the TO person blank. In the FROM spot, write your child's name. THANK YOU. If your child does not have a book to share, please let me know. I have several gently used books that I am happy to share.


Phonics Skill - Y as a vowel. Y can be a vowel in three ways. It can make the e sound as in bunny or silly. It can make the i sound like in my, by or it can make the a sound when with a in the words play, day.

Comprehension skill - We are working on putting a story in the correct sequence and then summarizing the story in two or three sentences.


by, my, try, cry, fly, handy, lucky, sunny, puppy, silly

High Frequency - Words to Know how to read quickly and easily

always, things, everything, become, nothing, days, stays


NO homework on Monday Night.

This week we will be working on subtraction. They will be using a number line and making 10 to do this subtraction.

Pre-Winter Break Celebration

We will be having a Pre-Winter Break Celebration on Friday, December 18th from 1:00 - 1:30. If you are interested in hosting the party, please let me. If you would like to donate an activity to do or a treat, please also let me know. Thank you!