Team Summer Solstice Newsletter

October 2015

September was a busy month full of transitions for us all. We had an amazing summer as a Team, and are set up for a record-breaking fall! I hope that this new monthly newsletter will be a way for us all to share in the excitement as we grow and prosper on our mission to educate our communities.

Top in Sales, Sponsoring, and Booking

Active Consultants:

  • Suzanne Sullivan, VA
  • Terri Attinello, MA
  • Melyssa Reed, MA
  • Carla DrakeUnderkoffler, MA/NH
  • Rebecca Adelman, IL
  • Anne Polak, ME
  • Julie Gardner, MA
  • Susanne Campbell, MA
  • Julie Cusack, CO

To achieve "Active" status, you must submit at least $300 in sales for the month. This prepares you to promote to Star (meaning that when you are Active, and someone on your downline is Active, you will receive 5% commission on all of the Consultants you have personally sponsored!) All paid-as ranks are based on the individual month, so making sure you submit $300+ in sales each month is essential for success! Plus you will be earning at least $90 in commission!
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