Lance's Ledger

June 1 - 5 at Central Elementary

And the Work Goes On!

There may only be 14 student days left but you would never know that fact if you visited several Central Elementary classrooms. Teachers and students continue to seize opportunities to learn as evidenced by classroom activity. Congratulations to teachers for setting high expectations while being flexible at the same time.

M-STEP Completion

Grade 3 students and teachers are completing M-STEP testing this week. Last week we dealt with a time when the M-STEP server had issues and rebounded without missing a step. The last scheduled day of testing is Tuesday, June 2. After that date we hope to have only make-ups if needed. Our third and fourth grade teachers and students deserve a round of applause in recognition of their efforts and flexibility during the testing process. Likewise, the entire staff and student body should be proud of the way they supported our M-STEP team. The testing program demanded a whole-school effort and the Central School team did not let us down. Central Rocks!

Integrated Lesson

Recently I visited Mrs. Kuzinski's Second Grade classroom to view the evolution of land and water forms. I was impressed how social studies, science and reading were integrated into a hands-on lesson where there was high student engagement during the late morning hours. Even more impressive was the degree of engagement involving ALL students including those with emotional and cognitive challenges. Last year I had the privilege of seeing the completed projects but I must say I found the view from the formative stages of the lesson to be eye opening.

This Week at Central

Monday, June 1
  • School Improvement Plan due
  • Tornado Drill # 4
  • M-STEP Testing continues for Grade 3
  • Observations
  • DRA Assessment continues
  • Celebration of Learning - Mrs. Kuzinski's room (6-6:45 PM)
  • Board of Education Meeting (7 PM in AMR at DHS)

Tuesday, June 2

  • M-STEP Testing Continues for Grade 3/Completed today?????
  • Lance out of office until approx. 10 AM
  • Celebration of Learning - Mrs. Kuzinski's room (9-9:45 AM)
  • Observations

Wednesday, June 3

  • Staff Meeting 7:35 - 8:15 AM; Agenda: Sharing and discussion of Vocabulary Unit plan developed by grade level groups at May 20 PD. Bring plans with you.
  • Grade 4 to Hahn for student orientation (9 - 10:30 AM)
  • Teacher Supply Orders due to Anne
  • M-STEP Make-up Tests

Thursday, June 4

  • Lance @ admin 9:30 - Noon (Prin. Mtg.)
  • M-Step make-Up Tests

Friday, June 5

  • Last day for M-STEP make-up testing
  • Color Walk Day/ Kona Ice treat

Looking Ahead

June 8... Fire Drill # 8; Grade 4 Field Day in PM; DHS Graduation in PM

June 8 - 16...Evaluation Post-conferences and Goal Assessment by appt.

June 9...Year-End PLCs; Grade 3 PLC in PM

June 10...Staff Meeting; DAEHS Graduation

June 12...Grade and attendance cut-off

June 15...Full day of school for Central students/ Report cards and comments entered in Synergy by 4 PM. Report card printing begins.

June 16...1/2 day of school for Central students/District staff luncheon 12:15 PM @ Hahn/teacher work afternoon

June 17...Full day of school for Central students/ Potter Park Zoo trip for Grade 2/ Picnic in the park Grade 3

June 18...Last day for Central students (full day). Teacher check-out begins at 4 PM.

June 19...1/2 day for teachers/ Report cards mailed from office

June 25...Office closes to public at Noon/ Administration Meeting (9:30 - noon); SID Meeting 1 PM; Positive School Climate Goal Meeting 2-2:45 PM -Administrators

Have a great summer break!!!!!

Teachers: You are the Key!

As we reflect on the year it is sometimes easy to say, "Oh, if I only had this technology I could have made a difference." Sometimes it is easy to look for things as the answer to better engage kids in their learning. Well, that thought doesn't play out in the real world. You is still you, the teacher, who has the power to open up a world of intrigue for your students. Connections, inspiration, and belief in kids is the reason you cannot be replaced by a computer. While it is true that technology can allow you many approaches to engage student curiosity, it remains the excitement and wonder you show when you guide children that makes the difference. That, of course, is both a skill and an art characteristic of a human teacher. The short video which follows speaks to this truth. Enjoy and know you, the teacher, are the key to student learning.
This Will Revolutionize Education

Have a great week. Thanks for your continued efforts in connecting with kids...our future.