The Final Journey

Jake Danielson's World Warr II Project

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11 year old Alice and her grandfather were normal Jews in country of Germany, until her and her grandfather were put on a train and shipped to a concentration camp. will they survive the Nazis and the cold or will they be just another Jew killed during the holocaust ?


I think the theme of this story is that no matter how bad things are, you will always have family and friends to help you get through it. I think this because in the story, Alice always has her grandfather.

Real life events

During World War II, many Jews were put on trains and cattle trucks and shipped to camps. Alice and her grandfather were both put on a train, then on a cattle truck, and sent to a concentration camp. I think this was portrayed accurately because Jews were really put on trucks and trains and went concentration camps. Many children were also loaded on trains and trucks and taken to concentration camps. Organizations such as the Youth Aliyah, managed to bring 14,000 children to Palestine and Britain between 1933 and 1945.
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