Gatsby and the Golfer

Adam Wissing

The Party

If you've heard of Mr. Gatsby you've heard of his parties. A night filled with good times, food, and dancing. There parties are filled to the brim with people including the Roosevelt's and Ms Jordan Baker, the disputed golf champion. These party's truly represent the high life of our society. Where the wealthy drink and dance the night away.


Yet then there is Gatsby. The man of hour with all these party yet he is also surrounded by all this mystery. Rumored to be a American war hero, a German spy, and to have killed a man. No one knows where he's from our where he plans to be. Why the secrecy Mr. Gatsby? The only two people that were able to get a word in with Mr. Gatsby were Nick Caraway and the golfer Ms. Baker. Nick was an old war buddy which leaves why Mrs. Baker.

Is she a old lover, or maybe a new sparked flame. Only adding more mysterory to the Gatsby name.