''Dave at Night''

Gail Carson Levine by Jiovann Lebron

story plot

Exposition:The story, ''Dave at night'' , takes place in 1926, New York city. Main characters you should know are Dave, Solly the man that helps Dave get into the Harlem Renaissance.Irma lee Dave's best friend who he meets at the Renaissance. Mr.doom the superintendient at the orphnage. (who plays a small roll as the antagonist.) and Mrs.Packer (Irma Lee's mama.) pg 32.

Rising Action: Dave is now trying to get out of the orphnage. However Dave gets his carving taken away by Mr.Doom and is now trying to get it back. So Dave made a plan to go get his carving back but that plan was not so great because it lead Dave to get beaten by MR.Doom and not get his carving back. So this job was a lot tougher than he thought. Soon Dave can not take it anymore and leaves the orphange but soon to come back. Once out Dave meets a man named Solly who takes him into the Harlem Renaissance. Inside the party Dave meets a girl named Irma Lee and they become friends they become so close of friends that before he leaves she says "when you come back i will take you in"

Climax: Dave is back at the orphnage courtyard and is caught by Mr.Doom and is about to get into the biggest fight of his life. After a long talk about what happend Mr.Doom pulls out a long stick and is about to beat Dave with it but Dave is a good fighter and has more skill than Mr.Doom. However Mr.Doom is pretty fast and hits Daves arm soon Dave pulles off Mr dooms glasses and now Mr Doom can not see and Dave gets his carving and get's out.

Falling action: Dave is with Solly and Irma Lee and they both of them look sad so when Dave asks them what is the matter they tell him "we can not take you in". Dave looks at them and says ok and after that Mr doom shows up and takes him away.

Denument: The next day Mr.Doom is fired and someone new comes. Dave is happy to be with his frinds that are soon to be adopted but Dave will never forget Irma Lee and Mrs.Packer and Solly beacuse they helped him the most.



this story is man vs man and man vs socity because Dave has to go up aginst Mr.Doom and the fact that he has to go to the orphnage because he can not fund him self. And he gose up anginst Mr.Doom to stand up anginst the hurt of his buddies.

Dave at Night

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Four facts about the Harlem Renaissance

Made in 1935

made for famous black people

for black people to relax and have fun

it was also made for immagrants


the theme in this book is to never let anyone bring you down

and to never give up and that friendship is everything.

And it is that not to judge a book by its cover.