A Little Bit Scary

by Beatrice M.

You may think Sheila is a little bit scary but...

  • She's an amazing artist.
  • She has a cat that greets her everyday when she comes home from work.
  • She volunteers in nearly every activity
  • Her hobbies are stroking her cat, playing board games, and reading biographies
  • She gives her friends hugs when they're scared
  • She's very lovable and I hope you get to meet her

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Shiela's Good Deeds

  • When people are scared, she helps them feel better
  • She stands by people's bedside when they're sick
  • In very cold climates she keeps people warm

Shiela's Family

  • Her Grandma and Grandpa cook every feast for every holiday
  • Her Mom, Dad and Sister help her achieve every goal and project
  • Her Aunt, Uncle and Cousins always attend her birthday parties

Shiela's favorite activities

  • She loves to sled on snowy days
  • She loves to study famous quotes
  • She loves kayaking

Shiela's Favorite Things

  • She attends cooking club and juggling club
  • She loves to draw in her spare time
  • Her favorite color is indigo