Mammoth Cave National Park

By: Lily Roach


Welcome to Mammoth Cave National Park!! As you read this you will see that Mammoth Cave National Park is really cool.It's also really fun and you might as well consider that you will get some exercise because the beautiful tours are long!!


Mammoth Cave is limestone,also called Calcium Carbonate.

The cave is under the park ,so if you want to see the cave you will have to go underground,but also if you don't want to do the cave tour there is much more you can do.

Like, Horseback riding,camping, do a camp fire program,hiking ,bicycling, canoeing, and kayaking on the river!


Mammoth Cave National Park has a No eyed white nosed syndrome bat,white tailed deer,raccoon's , flocks of wild turkey,chipmunks,squirrels,woodchucks, a woodpecker , a red-shouldered hawk, and dozens of songbirds.

Park Attractions/features

Fast Facts

Mammoth Cave is the worlds largest known cave. It is home to some of natures masterpieces . Mammoth Cave was giving a National Park status in 1926 , but not fully established until 1941. Mammoth Cave's cabin's were made back in the 19th century, still stand today!


Mammoth Cave National Park

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