Mrs. Hoehner's Weekly Wrap - Up

All you need to know about our life in 3rd grade!

Teacher's Corner!

A busy week has flown by, with another one coming just around the corner. Thank you to all of you who took the time out of your busy evening to stop in for a quick chat in regards to your child's learning.

Reading, Writing and Word Work

We are continuing to learn to read narrative nonfiction. Students are enjoying reading about interesting people, as they dive into their biographies. As readers, we are learning that narrative nonfiction is written not only to tell stories but also to teach. We also are also continuing to practice our conversation skills. We are focusing on speaking and responding in clear complete sentences and taking out filler words, for example, replacing words such as, um, so, things, like and stuff with specific vocabulary that fills what they have to say with meaning.

In writing, we have taken off our storyteller hat and put on a teacher hat! We are working away on writing to teach! I am seeing that the students, just as I hoped, are beginning to make connections between the expository reading we just finished and the writing!

HOMEWORK: PLEASE encourage your child to write in legible, complete sentences that include capital letters and punctuation. This is an area where most all students need improvement!

Math Madness

Two-Step Word problems are in full effect! We are having a blast figuring out what two-step word problems truly are. We did a lesson this week where groups of partners were either given a first or second step to a problem, and had to figure out which one they had. Then, they found the other group who had the other step! This helped us realize that, in order to solve a two-step word problem, we need to start with the first step.

I have tried to gather some resources that can help you understand the strategies we are using in math. I will keep searching and provide you with more at a later date.

Base-Ten Blocks and Place Value-

Open Number Line-


Third Grade Musical - Nov. 19th

Thanksgiving Break - Nov. 25th - 27th

Winter Break - Dec. 21 - Jan.1