Learning Experiences for Academic Discoveries


SAGE is sponsoring a Multi-Campus Elementary Playdate for Elementary GT Students

Where: Parr Park

When: Wednesday, April 25th

Time: 3pm-5pm

5th Grade Spark Talks

Fifth Grade Scholars are presenting their Talks over issues that are important to them. One goal is to persuade the audience to care about a topic and present a charity or organization that advocates for that topic. Another possible goal is to make the audience aware of a pressing problem or to make them aware of a professional personal goal and how the plan leading to that goal.

Here's a sampling of their topics:

  • Cancer
  • Deforestation
  • Why Hunting is Wrong
  • Becoming an Athletic Trainer
  • Becoming a Ventriloquist
  • Ocean Pollution
  • Automobile Pollution
  • Animal Fur for Fashion...It's Wrong
  • Poaching Wild Tigers
  • Switching to Electric Cars
  • Sports Safety
  • Football Helmet Safety
  • Being Healthy -NFL Play60
  • Cheerleading for Special Needs Students
  • Recycling
  • Too many concussions in sports
  • Why Being a Vegetarian is a Good Thing
  • Pet Adoption
  • Saving Giant Pandas, and other animals from extinction or abuse
  • Homelessness and The Giving Keys
  • NASA - Apollo 11
  • Increased pay for 1st Responders
  • Understanding Snakes
  • Dog Fighting -ASPCA

Rubik's Cubes

I also have a class set of Rubik's Cubes that I got on loan for a few weeks. Students in Grades 3-5 have been experimenting with these between assignments. Here is our first student to solve one.