Diverticulitis Symptoms

Diverticulitis Symptoms

General tips on Diverticulitis and its symptoms

Nowadays, many people suffer of different diseases that affect the digestive tract. The symptoms are commonly very much alike for the majority of these diseases. That is the case of Diverticulitis. This is a malady that affects the walls of organs of the digestive tract and may cause severe damage to your health. To be more precisely, there are some pouches called diverticula that are formed on the wall of the digestive tract and cause inflammation and infections as well. Some of the symptoms of the disease are constipation, diarrhea, bloating that are common of IBS ( irritable bowel syndrome); a very rare symptom, but a serious one is rectal bleeding which is also common of colon cancer. A really severe complication that can occur is called peritonitis. It may happen when an infected diverticulum ruptures causing the spilling of the matter of the intestine into the abdomen. It is a serious condition that requires immediate medical intervention.

Discover common symptoms and some more specific things about Diverticulitis

We spoke only about some symptoms earlier, now we will develop the subject. The most frequent symptoms are severe pain in the lower-left abdomen; it is the first one to appear. Also, you may feel some discomfort in your bowels, as there appeared some changes in its movements. We mentioned already the constipation and diarrhea and there are some more like gassiness and swelling in the abdomen. Diverticulitis Symptoms may also cause fever and nausea. We mentioned also rectal bleeding, but it is not so common for the disease. People often do not pay attention to some of these symptoms as they think it is just indigestion or something, but it should not be ignored. If you have some of the symptoms we wrote about don't hesitate to visit a doctor as you never know what can be wrong and health is the most precious thing in the world.

Learn more about how twisted the disease can get

As every other illness if not treated well, Diverticulitis may lead to some serious complications. Let's see the complications it can give. First of all is the peritonitis which we already spoke about. There can occur a blockage in the small intestine, bleeding from rectum; also an abscess can be formed because of the diverticulum's filling with pus. Another complication caused by Diverticulitis is fistula – an anomalous opening that can appear in many places, that allows intestinal mass to enter the abdomen or other organs. The information given here will allow you to inform yourself about the disease called Diverticulitis as it is a severe one and as you all know every disease can be treated if detected in early stage.