Kareem's Dream

Basketball Hall of Famers- Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

To Be the Best He Could Be On and Off the Court

Throughout the book Lew Alcindor (Kareem) goes through a life where basketball naturally adapts to him. Once he discovered it he couldn't stop working to become better and better at it. Show on page 13 when he says "The only place I was even slightly safe was on the basketball court. Since I was the second tallest guy in the school, I was automatically on the team." Eventually through his years of basketball he discovers the Muslim religion. He is very interested by it, and after studying it over a summer he eventually converted getiing the two names of Kareem and Abdul, and later Jabbar meaning "powerful". Which took him a while to publically change his name. Why he chose Islamic relgion is best shown on page 44 " Jabbar was still angry about the injustices that he saw in the world and wasn't sure if he agreed with that ideal. But most of what he learned from the Qur'ran meant a great deal to him."

A Basketball Life

Through the Years

Lew was always tall, giving him an aptitude for basketball. In his 5th grade year he was tall enough to play on the 8th grade team. Being this tall he was uncoordinated and had to work to get better, by 7th grade he was 6'5" and in 8th 6'8". He led his high school team to multiple champoinships before being going to UCLA. There he also converted to being a Muslim. He also lead his UCLA team to a championship. Then being drafted to the Bucks he brought them back up to a great team, leading them to many playy off runs and the Finals. He was then traded to the Lakers. He loved being back in Los Angeles. He evntually retired and pursued many coaching careers. As of now he is retired.

Martha Kneib

Martha Kneib is a native St. Louisan. Her love in history led her to a masters degree in anthropology. She loves vactioning and has wrote many novels under the name of Marella Sands. This biography may have no awards but is a great look into the life of Kareem the Dream.