In the end everything will be alright


Even though bad things happen in life in the end good things will come out of those bad ones, the director made an excellent job in proving it.


The purpose was to show people that even though bad things happen, good things will happen in the end. Like when money hurt his foot and he was so sad that he wouldn't be able to play football. He just wanted to give up on everything he tried so hard to accomplish. In the end he got to play his last football game and someone is paying for his whole college so he can continue studying and playing football.


This movie made me feel really happy and really good about myself. I felt this way because it made my point of view about giving up change. I always gave up on things I couldn't accomplish or that I couldn't finish. Now I know that anything is possible and if you fall down you just get back up and try even harder. Soon that job will get done.