Troop 628 Information

(or, Lookie what I made!)

New Meeting Time 3:30-5:15

Based on the survey from last week, I'm going to try starting the meetings at 3:30. If everyone is there and ready to start activities at that time we should finish at 5:15. This means have a snack before you get there. That will maximize our time together and minimize the mess we make. Sorry, I'm not trying to be mean about food...I just know from experience that some of the girls would still be meandering through their snack at 4 pm if I didn't impose some structure.

I will be on-site a bit early, setting up, so if you need to drop her off so you can get back to work or pick up another child, you can. I'll probably get there between 3-3:15 so I can get the door unlocked and my car unloaded. As long as you see my car it will be ok to leave her and if she's there early, she can snack until time to start the meeting if she needs to. (I drive a filthy silver-ish Corolla that is old enough to have its own driver's license.)

Next meeting

Friday, Sep. 23rd, 3:30pm

Forest Hills Baptist Church, Florence, AL, United States

Florence, AL

We'll be continuing the Jeweler badge projects we started last week!

If she wasn't at last week's meeting, we're in the Fellowship Hall in the basement of the building behind the sanctuary. Look for the metal carport on the neighborhood (not school) side of the church, and my car will be parked nearby, down towards the woods. There's a door down there, near the dumpster, and we're down the stairs once inside.


I'd like to have uniform orders turned in as soon as possible. If you need to delay this purchase, just let me know and we'll work it out.

  • If she is new to Girl Scouts, I have order forms.
  • If she bridged from Brownies, she got a sash but will need insignia. I'll talk to you individually to figure out what she needs.
  • If she is a returning Junior and has lost a pin, etc, let me know what she needs.

Hike (Tentative)

Saturday, Oct. 1st, 9:30am

TVA Reservation (Exact trail TBA)

Open to any family members who wish to join us, or girls can be dropped off and picked up.


If you finish a container of something--Cool Whip is perfect, margarine is good, anything with the type of smooth plastic lid that comes on those types of food-like substances--please wash and save the lids and send them along to me! A variety of sizes is fine--everything I have so far is from cream cheese containers, so that size or bigger would be great. I need quite a few for one of our future "Prints and Graphics" activities! Thank you!