Pronoun Power

By Lesley D Ruiz

Subjective Case Pronouns

- He ran to his house.

- She cooked breakfast for her family.

- We jump roped for 10 minutes.

Objective Case Pronouns

- Matthew painted the house

- John tutors Gilbert

- Annie walks to the park

Posssive Pronouns

- Brad was a star on his school baseball team

- For the tigers, Brad became one of their most valuable players

- The league told Brad, "Brad this award is yours."

Compound Personal Pronouns

- I am a student

- They are reading books

- He is a doctor


- Stacy says she wants a new cat

- The girl loves her beautiful new outfit

- My mom eats pizza, and she loves it

Demonstrative Pronouns

- This is a new book

- This is a clock

- That is my dog

Numeral Pronouns

- 27 of the people at the beach were in the water

- 2 of the kids were in the backyard

- 4 of the employees were on break

Indefinite Pronouns

- Everyone has a notebook

- Everyone (except for jellyfish) has eyes

- Everyone in school has a locker or a cubbie

Interrogative Pronouns

- Who crashed the car?

- What made that noise?

- Where are my glasses?