Life Skills Business

These are some of the things I've learned in this class.

What will affect my future.

Learning about how to fill out a job application will greatly impact my future. At some point, I'm going to have to begin filling them out, and knowing how to is essential. Now that I know exactly what to write and fill in, when it comes time to fill out a real one, I'll be ready. The most important things I've learned about filling out a job application is to always be honest, and follow the given instructions to the best of my ability. I also learned that you should write "N/A" when necessary instead of leaving it blank. Knowing how to fill out a job application is going to greatly affect my future by ensuring that I do everything right, which makes me more likely to get the job that I would be applying for.

3 things I've learned in this class.

-The first thing I've learned is how credit cards work. I now know that you have a separate bill for your credit card, because the money doesn't come directly out of your bank account. I also learned that paying your bill on time is extremely important to keep a good credit score. You also have to be careful with your spending on credit cards, because it's easy to spend more than you have and end up in debt. While credit cards are helpful, they could also be a bad thing because of this.

-The second thing that I've learned is how to fill out a check. I never knew how checks worked, or what you write on them until this class. Now I know all about where everything goes, and about how a check isn't valid until you sign it. It's also helpful that there is an area on the check for a memo, because it helps you remember why you wrote the check. The legal amount is also different from the written amount. The written value is the value of the check written in numbers, while the legal amount is the value of the check written in words. After you write the legal or written amount, if there's extra space on the line, you should draw a line so that no one can change the value of your check. This is important so that no one can take your money. Learning about how to fill out a check is going to be very beneficial.

-The third thing I learned about is interest. Interest is the initial amount of money paid to the bank for borrowing. When you take out a loan, the bank will make you pay interest. Your interest rate depends on your credit score. The higher your credit score is, the lower your interest rate is. This also shows how important having a good credit score is. If you have a credit card bill that you didn't pay on time, they will make you pay interest. This means that when you buy something expensive, like a car, when you take out a loan and begin paying for the car, you will be paying for more than just what the car was being sold at. You have to pay for the car, and the interest on the money you used to buy it. Interest is how the bank makes money.

What I would've liked to learn.

One thing that I would've liked to learn in this class is about taxes. I have a general understanding about what taxes are, but a more in depth explanation would greatly help my future. Doing taxes is something I always hear my parents complaining about, so I think it would be beneficial for me to know more about what they are and how to pay them. This connects to business skills because it's something everyone will have to know about at some point, and it will affect finances.

The most important thing I learned.

Learning about credit score is the most important thing I learned. I didn't know the difference between bad credit and good credit before this class, but now I do. I've learned how to get the best credit possible so that the bank gives me a low interest rate. This is going to help me when I need to get a loan for a car or college. I also know how to use a credit card so that it improves my credit score. This is going to be very important once I have to start paying expenses. This is also going to be helpful in preventing debt. This is going to be very beneficial in my life and I'm glad we learned about it.
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