The Nile River

Have a smile in the Nile.

Where is the Nile?

The Nile river is located in Africa. It runs through Kenya, Eritrea, Congo, Burundi, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia. The cruise is 7 days long, and it is $82.99 per person per night.


Cyperus, reed-like swamp vegetation, plume thistle, lotus, chamomile, blue egyptian water lily, opium poppy. Most of the plants are aquatic.

The next Nile cruise

Monday, Dec. 22nd, 12:30pm

Cairo, Egypt

Cairo Governorate

Reserve now with our Christmas vacation. The prices are discounted! Now only $71.99. Order now, and be at Cairo at the time listed above. You will leave in Juba, at around 5:00, on December 29th, so try to schedule a plane flight back home after that.