War Bonds

World War II

What is a War Bond

War Bonds are debt securities issued by a government to finance military operations and other expenditure in times of war. The bonds also remove money from circulation and thus help to control inflation.

How they Worked

A $25 War Bond was available for $18.75. The government would take that money to help pay for tanks, planes, ships, uniforms, weapons, and food. Ten years from the time of purchase War Bonds could be redeemed for $25. The total profit made by the consumer was $6.25 may not sound like a lot, but most Americans bought more than just $18.75 worth of War Bonds.

How were War Bonds used in World War II

The United States threw away more than $300 billion dollars in the war against the Axis Powers. That equals more than $4 trillion today. To help pay for war supplies, the government turned to American civilians. The United States Treasury offered Americans a series of War Bonds they could purchase during the war.

World War II War Bonds

Are War Bonds Worth Anything today?

The value of E- Series war bonds is incredibly high. A $1000 1941 war bond is valued at $3600. It is estimated that over $16.7 billion dollars worth of war bonds have never been cashed in. This is because most of them were either lost, or the owner has since passed away. A $25 war bond from World War II is worth nearly $100 today.