RILINK Newsletter

March 2020

Follett Maintenance Price Increase

Follett maintenance will increase in costs for 2020-2021. Annual maintenance for Follett software is increasing from $700 to $762.67 per site for the upcoming year. This will be reflected in your RILINK invoice for the upcoming school year.

RILINK Joins RIDE's ECN Network

RILINK is pleased to announce we are now part of the Educators Course Network. Both onsite professional development and summer conferences are recognized as PLU offerings.

Need Barcodes?

Does anyone need barcode labels? If so, please complete and submit the form at We have requests for only three rolls so far, and our vendor requires us to order 14 rolls at a time.

Are CultureGrams & Exploring Nature IP Authenticating at Your School?

Patrons should NOT be asked to login to CultureGrams or Exploring Nature when they are at school.

Please request an update from your district technology department that includes any local public IP addresses used by students and teachers using the RILINK Help Request Form so we can resolve the issue.

Name Changes

  • Main Menu options In Destiny Discover were updated as follows:
    • The Destiny option is now called Destiny Back Office to more clearly identify the purpose of the link. It still goes to what we have known as Destiny's Classic version.
    • The Setup option in Destiny Discover is now called Admin to match the renamed Discover Admin page

  • The administrative part of Destiny Discover, formerly known as Follett Digital Setup, is now called Discover Admin. The update reflects the function of this area and provides a more consistent experience throughout Destiny┬«.

View complete details at

Collections Update

  • Limit access to Collections for various roles in Destiny Discover. For example, limit elementary school students to only elementary collections in other schools in RILINK. Something to consider: this could also be done on a RILINK-wide basis. Send email to if you think this would be a good idea.
  • Edit any Collection when you are signed in as an Administrator for your site and set the collaborators for the collection.
  • Pin a Collection so patrons see it at the beginning of the carousel. Collections may be pinned for a specific length of time as well as scheduled.
  • Sign up for monthly webinar/ Q and A on the last Friday of every month at 3:00 pm EST by visiting the Follett Community Webinar Series page to find out about new and upcoming changes for Destiny Discover.

New Search Options

A new feature makes search options in Destiny Discover more visible. The + icon has been replaced with the two buttons; Search Options and Options are Set.
Big picture
Big picture

Filter by Sublocation

If sublocations have been added to titles in Destiny Back Office, patrons may now filter by Sublocation after an initial search.
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Images Now Displayed for Collections

Say goodbye to generic icons for Collections on the homepage carousels and in Search Results! Collections featured in these areas now reflect the images and colors assigned to the Collections. And on that note, "carousels" is now used in place of "ribbons" for the items displayed on your home page.
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Searching Collections

The number of Collections available now exceeds 10,000. To search effectively for Collections on a given topic, use the Search Options and the homepage. Then click on the Collections tab to further filter your results.
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Host Site Needed for May Inventory Workshop

RILINK needs a host site for the May inventory workshop presented by Dorothy. Start your library's inventory with an expert! Contact Sharon if you are interested in hosting.

New KRARI Selection for 2020

RILINK Schools Highlights and Announcements

Using LibGuides CMS for Elementary School Websites

Elementary School librarians often have fixed schedules that leave them little time for a library website. Several of our members do, however, use RILINK Schools to promote the work they do and the resources of the library. Consistently, several of our elementary school libraries lead the list of sites with the "Most Visits."

Take a look at these sites to see how they are "getting the word" out to their school community using LibGuides.

George R. Hanaford School and James H. Eldredge Elementary School in East Greenwich

Greenbush Elementary School in West Warwick

Capt. Isaac Paine Elementary School in Foster

Lincoln Central Elementary School in Lincoln

Want to view more examples? Visit

REMINDER: Housecleaning of Assets Scheduled for Summer 2020

RILINK Schools currently has over 60, 000 Assets (links, widgets, documents, etc.) in its system. Of those, over 20,000 are not being used. An unused asset is indicated by a zero (0) under the Mapping column. One member librarian went in recently and realized she had over 900 Assets not being used. She was very grateful to hear she didn't have to delete them manually.

Springshare will do a mass delete of the unused Assets for us. This mass delete will be scheduled for July 2020. Want to check how many you have? Directions are available on the RILINK Schools Winter Newsletter.

RILINK Summer Conference 2020

Mark Your Calendars

RILINK will host its annual summer conference on July 14 at the East Bay Educational Collaborative. Please plan to join us for "Standard Bearer: Library to Classroom."

Request for Proposals

RILINK is looking for member librarians and colleagues to present at the conference. If you are interested in offering a session, please complete the proposal form at

Please share this form with any potential presenters for the conference.