By Sam Chambers

What is it?

Gumbo is a mixture of Marijuana, Ecstasy,PCP, and Cocaine. This extremely dangerous mixture is gaining rapid popularity in the south. It is slowly gaining traction and has the ability to spark across the country.

What are the effects of gumbo?

Those who take the drug have no definite reaction. The way their bodies react to the drug is random from person the person. For example: Some people are brought into a blind rage after taking gumbo, others have little effect at all.

What are street names for the drug?

This mixture of drugs is often referred to as "Gumbo", "Woo" or "Serenity" while the drug combination has few nicknames, the drugs it contains (Marijuana, PCP, Cocaine, Ecstasy) have MANY different names to go by.

A history

In the past, things similar to gumbo have been used by many. These "Designer drugs" were often cigarettes dipped in PCP or cigars filled with Marijuana. Now, after those drugs have become not fulfilling for the users, it's being taken to the next level. Currently, gumbo is ravaging south eastern Texas and is on the war path.