Portfolio Too Turnt!

CMorton Block:1

About Mee!!!

My name is Christmas. yes, my name is unique. But i have history behind it. My favorite color is purple. For some odd reason i love to eat greens. I am a Varina Blue Devils Cheerleader. I bleed that Blue and Gold.

Purpose of this

To have an portfolio is a good way to show off your work. This can show people how talented you are. What is the purpose? Well the purpose is to keep your work updated and organized. This can help you by getting familar with onilne persence.

Life is short so Turn Up!!!!!!!

Sun/Shadow Image

Sun Image: I am like grass because im always growing.

Shadow Image: Inwardly, I am like the number 2 because i depend on my mom.


"Good things come to thoses who wait."

- i agree with this because patience is th way to go.

Reflection of Persuasive Essay

I feel that my essay was strong. i believe that my strengths were my metphor and my smilies. My weaknesses were my transitional word. I like this assignment because it got to imagine how it would be if i actually won an award. Writing four paragraphs was a dislike in this assignment. If i could change one this in the assignment i would had pick a more interesting topic.