Denver, Colorado

The Best Place To Be!


Weather in Denver is really nice! It doesn't get too hot so there's no need to worry about things overheating and yes, it does get cold but compared to other places it's not that bad.

The average high in summer is 86 degrees while the average cold in winter is 22 degrees.

Also, there's a lot of days with sun too! Denver has around 245 days with sun and so I won't be swamped with cloudy skies and gloomy weather.

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All of the rates were really comparable with other cities so it was hard to choose with economy. What really helped with the decision was the salaries for the field that I'm interested in. The average salary in the science/computer fields was 7% with salaries for a bio-medical engineer being $93,690.

Crimes Rates

Compared to other cities that were looked at, the crime rates were lower.

Violent crimes were at 62% while property crimes were at 52%. It's about 10% lower than the other, which means just a little safer and not needing to worry about being mugged or stolen from.


There are lots of attractions here so whenever there's free time, there's no worry about being bored!


Denver is home to many professional sports team like baseball, football, hockey, etc but also to some more unpopular sports too like lacrosse!