How to Study a Film

Some things to look for


Use of Colour in the scene. Look at costumes, backdrop, props and setting. Is there a high contrast or do the colors blend in? Does the Colour used add to the purpose/ genre conventions e.g horror=dark and romance=soft?


Is the lighting soft or strong, use of contrast, light or dark? Use of shadow and / or harsh light to create mood.


What type of shots make up the scene? Long shots for continuity, short shots to communicate intensity. Fades and dissolves, camera angles, close, medium, long shot, tracking, point of view. Speed, slow, fast. Transitions from scene to scene.


Natural conversation or stylized? Changed in some way to sound a certain way? Repetitive words and phrases, tone of voice (angry, amused etc.) accent.


Is the sound and music constant or intermittent? What sound effects are used? Diegetic and non-diegetic sounds. Is the pitch and pace related to what is happening in the scene? Does the music relate to a themes?