QR Codes and Augmented Reality

In the Classroom

What are QR Codes?

QR codes are machine readable codes that link to images, documents, URLs, text, etc. They can be utilized in the classroom to aid in connecting students to information and materials.

To read QR Codes, students will need a QR Code reader for PC/Mac/OS. Some of the best are the I-nigma app for OS and QR Journal for PC or Mac. Students can use the camera to scan the code, linking them to the website, document or text the teacher is using.

To create QR Codes, teachers can use many sites like Kaywa.com or QRStuff.com. These sites offer code creation from simple text or any URL. Any document, movie, etc. that has a link can be turned into a QR code.

To Create QR Codes

How to Read QR Codes

Ideas for QR Code Use in the Classroom

Additional Ideas:

  • Share student work - Add a QR Code to a poster or picture to display digital creations.
  • Add QR codes to library books linking to student created book trailers.
  • Display or add codes to materials linking to presentations of information for flipped classroom lessons.
  • Offer extension assignments for students needing enrichment.
  • Differentiate assignments discretely through QR codes.
  • Use codes to link to instructions for Literacy and Math stations.
  • Link to research sites for specific topics.
  • Provide direct links to online audio/video books.
  • Allow students to self check assignments using posted QR codes.
  • Add codes to classroom items for additional information or for translations.
  • Use QR codes on a calendar linking to assignments for students that are absent.
  • Reward students by linking QR Codes to badges for academic achievements.
  • Add QR Codes to assignments linking to tutorial or reference sites.
  • Use QR Codes to provide questions for students to complete.
  • Create QR Code treasure hunts for interactive lessons.
  • Ask a question of the day through QR codes.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality involves using technology to re-create real world situations. It can be used to bring digital materials to life for your students. Similar to QR Codes, AR can make digital presentations, projects, etc easily accessible to students and parents. Augmented reality uses a photo as a trigger for the overlaid media. Students can scan a picture and view movies, listen to audio or see related content with AR apps.

Any of the above ideas for QR code use can be applied to the use of augmented reality products in the classroom.

How to Create and View AR Products

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